Demi Lovato and Fiance Max Split

It didn’t take long for Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich’s adoring romance to turn into a messy breakup.

Young and the Restless Actor

Us Weekly broke the news in March that the Disney alum was dating the Young and the Restless actor following a brief fling with Austin Wilson. A month later, a source told Us that the twosome were already talking about marriage. By July, Ehrich put a ring on it.

“@maxehrich – I knew I loved you the moment I met you. It was something I can’t describe to anyone who hasn’t experienced it firsthand but luckily you did too,” Lovato wrote alongside photos of the proposal at the time via Instagram. “I’ve never felt so unconditionally loved by someone in my life (other than my parents) flaws and all. You never pressure me to be anything other than myself. And you make me want to be the best version of myself. I’m honored to accept your hand in marriage.”

Most Beautiful

Ehrich, for his part, gushed, “You are the most beautiful inside and out in the entire world & I couldn’t be more grateful God brought us together. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH @ddlovato AND WILL FOREVER CHERISH YOUR PURE, BEAUTIFUL, INFINITE SOUL.”

Lovato later explained that the pair’s relationship was “accelerated” by the coronavirus pandemic, noting that they moved into together shortly after they met to quarantine as a couple.

“I was like, ‘Look, we’re quarantining together. Cause I love you,’” she said during SiriusXM Hits 1’s The Morning Mash Up on September 11. “We were able to share this time together that we wouldn’t have normally gotten to spend. And that accelerated our relationship on a level that you can’t really explain to people, but quarantine either makes or breaks the deal. And it really made that. So I’m really blessed, really fortunate and continuing to count my blessings every day.”

Engagement Over

Later that month, however, Us confirmed that their engagement was over.

“The relationship has ended,” a source close to Lovato told Us on September 24.

Since news of their split broke, Ehrich has taken to Instagram to try to contact Lovato.

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Old Tweets

The Selena Drama
The duo faced their first public relationship roadblock when Ehrich’s alleged old tweets about Lovato’s former bestie Selena Gomez resurfaced. While old footage of the actor showed him praising Gomez — and declaring that he wanted to marry the “Same Old Love” songstress — Lovato fired back.

“It’s really sad when people FAKE images to put women against each other. If women have conflict that’s between them NOT YOU,” she wrote on September 14. “While on one hand I understand and have compassion for those who are so horrified at the reality of 2020 that they gotta distract themselves with doctored images in order to not focus on how bad these times are, but on the other hand, if you aren’t 13 years old trying to grasp the reality of right now, put on your adult underpants and write about what actually matters. Please.”


As split reports circulated the internet, a source told Us that Lovato and Ehrich’s inner circle wasn’t confident in their romance. “Those close to them were skeptical about their relationship and the longevity of it,” the source said, noting that the “OK Not to be OK” singer “is used to being the star in their dynamic, and Max is really loving the newfound attention.”


Their engagement ended shortly after Ehrich left to film a new movie in Atlanta.

“The distance has been weighing on them,” one source said. “She has been seeing how much Max’s fame increased since being with her and it left a bad taste in her mouth.”


Not long after their breakup news broke, Ehrich unfollowed Lovato — and everyone else he followed — on social media. Lovato also no longer keeps up with Ehrich on the app. They have since wiped each other from their respective accounts.

The Response

While Lovato seemingly sent a message to her ex by ditching her ring and sporting a “dogs over people” T-shirt, Ehrich was more direct with his social media response to the split, alleging that she broke up with him in the press. (While Lovato has yet to publicly address the accusation, several outlets deny that Ehrich found out about the breakup online.)

“Imagine finding out about the status of your relationship through a tabloid,” he wrote on September 26 before referencing his upcoming film Southern Gospel. “… While your [sic] in the middle of filming a biopic movie about a Pastor in a Christian Church whose intention of the film is to help people.”

The following day, Ehrich returned to Instagram to beg Lovato to contact him.

“Up … to this moment … we haven’t spoken over the phone. I’m here in real time with y’all. I love Demetria and just want her to be healthy and safe,” he claimed on September 27. “If you’re reading this … I love you always …unconditionally … no matter what.”

He wrote, “Demetria is THEE best female vocalist alive. And everyone should know it.”


After deleting all of his previous Instagram Stories, Ehrich wrote, “One chapter finally closed this am. And now I turn the page. Focused on wellness, love, God, my family, and my art. Good vibes only :).”

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