One Direction Fans Go Wild Over Unseen Footage from Car Pool Karaoke with James Corden

It’s been nearly five years since One Direction appeared on Carpool Karaoke, and on Sept. 9, James Corden blessed fans with some clips from the episode that we never got to see!

Right Before Hiatus

Right before beginning their hiatus in Jan. 2016, the guys from One Direction appeared on James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke. Nearly five years later, the group still hasn’t reunited, and fans have been begging James, who’s friends with all of the boys, to help get the ball rolling.

On the Sept. 9 episode of his talk show, James explained that he has no power when it comes to reuniting the group — but revealed that he does have some unseen footage of them to share from the filming of Carpool Karaoke!

Final Cut

It turns out that not everything made the final cut when the guys taped their Dec. 2015 segment and James revealed a new clip of the group stopping at McDonald’s amidst the interview and singing.

In the video, Liam Payne ordered a “ten-piece [chicken] nuggets],” Niall Horan got a “Big Mac,” Harry Styles asked for an “iced tea” and Louis Tomlinson ordered a “sausage McMuffin with egg and two hash browns,” along with a “chocolate milkshake.” Zayn Malik had already left the group at this point, so he was not featured in the video.


Fans actually got to see the guys eating the McDonald’s, while Louis hilariously returned his milkshake because he realized that he didn’t want it anymore. Before the segment aired, James teased it with a clip of the guys in a preview for the episode, which sent fans into a major frenzy.

Afterward, upon seeing that there was nothing current from the boys, some fans were disappointed. However, many were just thrilled to see any form of 1D content, and they got the clip trending on Twitter!

Gone Solo

All of the One Direction members have gone on to start solo careers in the years since the group’s split. However, talk of a possible reunion was intensified leading up to the band’s 10-year anniversary, which was during summer 2020. While no actual reunion did take place, the guys made sure to show some love for their fans on the big day by posting a tribute video, along with a new, interactive website. We’re still holding out hope for more, though!


Watch the Unseen Footage Here


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