Cole DeBoer Shows Off Weight Loss

He did it! Cole DeBoer completed the gruelling 75 Hard fitness challenge and is showing off his total body makeover. The MTV star built plenty of ripped new muscles while losing 15 pounds.


Teen Mom 2‘s Chelsea Houska sure found herself a great guy. Not only is Cole DeBoer a totally adoring husband and father, he now looks like a super buff movie star! The handsome MTV personality has completed the 75 Hard fitness challenge and is proudly showing off the highly impressive before and after shirtless results. Cole spent the last 75 days working out for 45 minutes twice a day, eating a healthy and strict no-cheat diet and abstaining from alcohol. The result is so incredibly impressive, as he built lots of new muscle and still lost an amazing 15 pounds.

Fitness Journey

Cole began his fitness journey in mid-June and completed it on Aug. 28. He shared the before and after photos to his Instagram page and holy cow, he has come so far. In the “before” photo, he showed off what wife Chelsea told EXCLUSIVELY was a “dad bod” that he wanted to reshape. The soon to be mother of four was the one who came across the fitness challenge based on Andy Frisella‘s book 75 Hard: A Tactical Guide to Winning the War with Yourself. She told us Cole was all-in the second she told him about it and started on the plan right away.

After Photo

In the “after” photo, Cole has six-pack abs, rock hard pecs, bulging biceps and a completely ripped torso. Even his face and jawline look slimmer and defined thanks to the 15-pound weight loss. In a swipe right picture, Cole flexes for the camera and his muscular physique is so sexy. He inspired many fans along the way to join him in the body makeover challenge, which was just as mental as well as physical. Any slip up in failing to exercise or stray from the diet meant having to restart back at day one, no matter how far along the participant was. That means it took serious willpower and mental fortitude to get the self-betterment work done each day!

Feeling Dangerous

“FEELING DANGEROUS! Today is the 75th day of my #75hard #75hardchallenge ! I did it!” Cole began in the caption of is makeover photo. “I honestly feel brand new! Not only have I physically became more fit but my mind and my attitude toward my everyday life has been changed forever. I feel like my refresh button has been hit, both inside and out.”

Cole explained that at first, he underestimated how hard it would be. “When I first heard of this challenge I was all in and started 2 days after reading about it. I knew it would be tough, but I didn’t know it would be as tough and demanding as it actually was! Which made it even more worth it! We don’t achieve great things in life without busting our ass and doing the work. I feel so happy and proud, this has been an amazing ride and something I truly needed. Thank you @andyfrisella for creating such a life-changing program,” he explained.


Then Cole gave Chelsea words of loving adoration for everything she did to help him achieve success.

“The biggest thanks throughout this journey needs to go to my beautiful wife @chelseahouska and family! This has been a long road through this challenge and I could not have done it without you! You motivated me, you reminded me on days to check off my list, guided me on my eating, and made sure on the crazy busy days that I was able to complete things I needed too. I continue to be forever grateful for you every day and I love you!” Cole gushed….as fans swooned. Seriously, is this guy the best husband the Teen Mom franchise has ever had or what? Now he’s not only the sweetest, he’s definitely the hottest!

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