Daniel Radcliffe Reveals If He Talks To Costars Still

Daniel Radcliffe revealed where his relationships currently stand with Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, who played Ron and Hermione in the ‘Harry Potter’ film series.


9 Year Anniversary

The last ever Harry Potter film is nearing its nine-year anniversary, and the first one came out nearly 19 years ago. After all that time has passed, Daniel Radcliffe, 30, was asked if he still keeps in touch with his two co-stars who played his ride or dies at Hogwarts — Rupert Grint, 31, and Emma Watson, 30 — while doing an interview on The Today Show, uploaded on June 1.

To answer that question, Daniel responded, “Absolutely”!


Of course, some things have changed. “We’re not as close as we once were but I (recently) text Rupert because of his baby,” Danielle revealed.

Rupert and his longtime girlfriend, Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging star Georgia Groome, 28, revealed that they welcomed their first child on May 7. Even Daniel couldn’t help but acknowledge how surreal it is to see Ron — we mean, Rupert — become a dad after watching his days as a wizarding student alongside Harry and Hermione play out on the big screen.

Old and Kids

“I mean that is still wild to me that we are now at the stage were we are having kids and I’m sure that is a fact that makes the rest of the world feel very old,” Daniel joked. He’s not wrong. Daniel is looking forward to this new chapter in Rupert’s life, because he added, “[I’m] genuinely just so happy for him. He is going to be an awesome dad.”

While Daniel is not yet a parent (and neither is Emma), he has been in a serious relationship with actress Erin Darke since 2012. Meanwhile, Emma was reported to be dating a “Californian business owner” named Leo Alexandar Robinton, according to a Daily Mail report that surfaced on April 27 (you may know his sister, Daisy Robinton).

Long before these relationships came about, however, Rupert claimed that “there was always something” between Emma and Drafo Malfoy’s actor, Tom Felton, while filming the movies.

“There was a little bit of a spark,” Rupert teased during an interview with Entertainment Tonight’s Rachel Smith in Nov. 2019, but he added, “We were kids. It was like any kind of playground romance.” And now, one of these Harry Potters stars has a kid of his own!

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