Lana Del Ray Under Fire After Shaming Other Female Singers

Lana Del Rey is coming under fire for a controversial Instagram post in which she names Beyoncé, Nicki Minaj and Doja Cat.

Clap Back

Lana Del Rey took to Instagram to clap back at accusations that her music glamorizes abuse.

She said: “I’m fed up with female writers and alt singers saying that I glamorise abuse when I’m just a glamorous person singing about the realities of what we are all seeing are now very prevalent emotionally abusive relationships all over the world.”

Comparing Herself

However, Lana opened the statement by comparing herself to a group of female pop stars and rappers, and people are calling her out for what she said about them.

Lana wrote: “Now that Doja Cat, Ariana, Camila, Cardi B, Kehlani and Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé have had number ones with songs about being sexy, wearing no clothes, fucking, cheating etc – can I please go back to singing about being embodied, feeling beautiful by being in love even if the relationship is not perfect, or dancing for money – or whatever I want – without being crucified or saying that I’m glamorizing abuse?”

September Album

Lana also revealed that she is releasing a new album on September 5th and said she will speak more about these topics on the project.

While it doesn’t appear that Lana was critiquing any of these singers, people found it odd that she was comparing herself to a group of mainly black female artists who experience the music industry very differently than she does and doesn’t benefit from her white privilege.

Writer Shon Faye tweeted: “think Lana’s post would have been fine if she hadn’t compared herself to a group of mostly black women with the clear tone that she thinks she’s been treated worse by the media when that’s observably untrue.”

Another person wrote: “It’s SO corny of Lana to list all those women as if they don’t have to deal with hate for embracing their sexuality. Especially given how black women are constantly dragged no matter the genre.”

People also criticized Lana because her last album, Norman Fucking Rockwell, was a critically acclaimed, No. 1 record and it was nominated for Album of the Year at the Grammys.

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