Jamie Lynn Spears confirms “mature” Zoey 101 reboot is in the works

Jamie Lynn stresses that the talks are in “baby stages” but it’s something that the cast definitely wants to get the ball rolling on.

We are going back to Pacific Coast

Pack your bags because it looks like we’re finally going back to the Pacific Coast Academy. Zoey 101 star Jamie Lynn Spears has confirmed that a reboot of the hit Nickelodeon series is currently in talks at the network.

Zoey 101 aired from 2005 until 2008, with season 4 ending shortly before Jamie Lynn confirmed her pregnancy and decided to take a step back from the spotlight to raise her daughter.

Massive Success

The show was a massive success and left teenagers all over the world devastated when it ended, but now it looks like the Reboot Gods are at work again.

After a brief reunion alongside the All That cast in 2019, talks of a full-blown “mature” reboot of Zoey 101 are happening – but it might not air on Nickelodeon.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter while promoting her new show Sweet Magnolias, Jamie Lynn confirmed the exciting news.

“Everything and anything is on the table, whether that’s a movie or a series,” she said. “In all of the discussions I’ve had with Nickelodeon — which are in baby stages, by the way — the main thing is figuring out the right home for the reboot.”


She continued: “We couldn’t do it justice by putting it back on Nickelodeon, because our fanbase has grown into young adults like me, 29 or around the same age. We want to tell stories about where the characters are now. We want to connect with the fans and touch on topics that are impacting millennials, so it would have to be aged up and be more mature.”


Teasing the reboot further, she spoke about what she thinks Zoey is up to now:

“We know she’s in charge of something. She’s a boss of some type…She and Chase would definitely have some type of tangled love story. I don’t think they would have just left PCA and gotten married.”

While talks are currently in early stages, it sounds like the reboot will definitely happen if the right network is secured:

“I really can’t wait to get the ball rolling — once quarantine is over, of course.”


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