Demi Lovato Shades The Jonas Brothers in Leaked Song

Did Demi Lovato just shade the Jonas Brothers in a new song?! It appears so. It seems to be the question on everyone’s minds after an alleged track from the “Sober” songstress’ upcoming seventh album seemingly leaked online, and it contained a bunch of seriously shady lines in it.

Ain’t No Friend

The new song is called “Ain’t No Friend,” and a lot of fans think the unreleased song is all about her relationship with Nick Jonas. Why? Well, the 27-year-old seemingly threw in a bunch of subtle references and clues that the track was inspired by the “Sucker” singer, so we decided to break down the lyrics once and for all.

“It was all good back when we were working for the big mouse / We were best friends, family and everything in-between / Never thought you’d be the enemy,” the lyrics seemingly read. “You ain’t no friend of mine, your love was a lie / You ain’t no friend of mine, you left me there to die / It was a sad day, when I realized that the loyalty was only going one way.”

Disney Days

For those who forgot, Demi and Nick first got close after they both appeared in Disney Channel’s Camp Rock together back in the day. After that, they were practically inseparable, and they even went on to drop a song together, called “Avalanche,” in 2014. Then, in 2016, they embarked on a tour together called the Future Now Tour, but in May 2020, after the Disney days, the brunette beauty revealed that they were no longer friends.


No Safe House

During another line of the song, Demi allegedly sang about not having a “safe house,” which is the name of the record label she and Nick were both signed to. Plus, she also said the words “future now” and “avalanche” throughout the track, seemingly referring to their tour and duet.

“Took you on the road, showed you some love, let you play me,” she song continues. “Crashing down like an avalanche. This is our future now.”

It would be very cool if this song got released one day!

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