Lady Gaga’s Awkward Interview with Jimmy Falon

Lady Gaga might have done the world’s shortest ‘Tonight Show’ interview, telling Jimmy Fallon she didn’t have time to talk to him before jumping ending their call.

From Home

Ever since the coronavirus breakout, Jimmy Fallon has been doing The Tonight Show “from home” and interviewing his guests via Facetime. His Apr. 1 guest was Lady Gaga and she did the most awkward show interview. She was distracted and talking to her assistants, sometimes not even realizing they were on TV. Then her interview ended when she told him “I just can’t talk right now,” as phones could be heard going off on her end of the line.

Jimmy excitedly said “Hi! Lady Gaga!” once their connection began, and he showed his phone to the screen. It showed the 34-year-old singer/actress wearing smart makeup, including a red lip. She also had on dark-rimmed glasses. “Hi everyone,” she said with a very awkward tone in her voice. The interview then cut and went to Jimmy asking her “you have a big, maybe announcement you’re going to say tonight on our show?” with his boyish grin. Then things got super weird.

Can’t Talk Right Now

“I can’t Jimmy. I, uh, can’t talk right now. I’m sorry. It’s just a really, really weird time,” she said as Jimmy turned the screen away from him to face the camera. “Hello? Jimmy I can’t see you,” she then said and asked “Am I on TV?” “Yeah, you’re on TV. I apologize,” the 45-year-old host sheepishly told her. Then her phone started ringing and she asked her people to “push the call back one minute please” as Jimmy again asked her what her big news is.

Jimmy pressed, saying “there’s something very big you’re working on that’s going to help people right now.” He then turned the Facetime session back towards the camera where Gaga could be seen. “I cant..I can’t tell you everything right now because I’m still ironing out the details and I have a lot of phone calls to make.” She then could be heard talking to her people, asking if Friday would be better and told Jimmy “I can do Friday.” Which he pretty much had to agree to, though he looked confused about the whole situation.

No Time

She then explained that it was for COVID-19 and apologized, saying how sorry she was that she just didn’t have time to talk to him. Then Jimmy showed the following cut where she then said she couldn’t talk until Monday. Ever the pro, Jimmy agreed to it and later gamely explained to the audience following the chaotic call that they had rescheduled to Monday as Gaga asked.

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