Rebel Wilson Loses Weight

Rebel Wilson has been amazing fans with her fitness journey over the past year, but how does the star actually feel herself?

Feeling Herself

Nearly a year after Rebel Wilson, 40, revealed her weight loss transformation at the premiere of Muriel’s Wedding: The Musical in March of 2019, the actress is still feeling herself.

“Rebel has never been happier, she looks and feels amazing, all her hard work has paid off,”  Rebel’s fitness journey isn’t over yet, though — the year has barely begun!

“She’s not done, she’s feeling unstoppable,” our source continues. “At the beginning of the year she vowed to make this year all about being healthy, and she’s really stuck to that resolution and is reaping the benefits in every way.” Rebel vowed that 2020 will be “The Year of Health” in a Jan. 2 Instagram post, and she wasn’t kidding!

Happiest Place on Earth

These happy feelings carried over into Rebel’s celebration for her 40th birthday, which took place at The Happiest Place On Earth. Rebel and her closest pals enjoyed the $15,000 21 Royal experience, which entails a high-class dinner in a New Orleans-themed private residence inside Disneyland’s park. The fun didn’t end with the gourmet entrees; Rebel and her entourage had a slumber party at the park!

“The sleepover at 21 Royal was the perfect way to celebrate Rebel’s birthday because she’s a huge Disney fan, plus it was a once in a lifetime exclusive experience she won’t ever forget,” a second source stated. “Rebel has put in a lot of hard work this year and she looks absolutely incredible. She feels better than ever and her friends wanted to celebrate her because they felt she deserved to honor her birthday in a big way.”

That hard work includes a five-round circuit program, which requires intense moves like the “Assault Bike” and “TRX Squats.” Rebel’s trainer, Jono Castano Acero, said as she discussed a step-by-guide on how to execute Rebel’s workout.

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