Logan Paul and Jake Paul: Chat about Tana Mongeau

Jake and Logan Paul had an incredibly tense moment when Jake interrupted Logan’s podcast to call him out on ‘hooking up’ with his former wife, Tana Mongeau.

Logan Paul and Jake Paul shared a cringey interaction during Logan’s Feb. 18 Impulsive podcast episode that totally shocked the 24-year-old YouTuber. At the 38 minutes, 20-second mark of the video where Logan was chatting with Ryan Garcia, Logan’s disposition completely dropped to utter surprise when his 23-year-old brother, Jake, walked in on the interview.

Walking  into the conversation, Jake walked straight up to Logan and asked him, “Dude, why’d you hook-up with my wife [Tana Mongeau, 21]?” Without even waiting for a response from his older brother, Jake seemingly walked out of the studio. Logan, his co-host, and his guest, however, were left to try and salvage the uncomfortable moment.


Logan’s face practically said it all, as he stared wide-eyed in the direction his brother left. The awkward silence completely overtook the area, while Logan was clearly trying to figure out what to say.

“He’s actually pissed off, dude,” Logan’s co-host observed. “My heart is racing, actually,” Logan confessed following the heated moment. “What did he even say?” a producer enquired to Logan. The YouTuber simply took a long drink of water after reiterating that his brother had asked him, “Why’d you hook-up with my wife?” Still in shock, Logan’s co-host asked him, “Do you know what he’s referring to?” And Logan likely knew exactly what Jake was upset about.


On Feb. 17, Logan and Tana enjoyed an intimate lunch date together at Joan’s On Third. While Tana and Jake’s relationship is definitely in flux, Tana appeared to maintain an incredibly close bond with Logan, as the pair embraced following their day out. The two were spotted with their arms around each other and, at one point, Logan was seen giving Tana a kiss on her head. Clearly, the sighting didn’t sit well with Jake.


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