Kailyn Lowry throws shade at Chris Lopez for being a deadbeat dad

Pregnant ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Kailyn Lowry seems to be shading Chris Lopez, the father of her third son Lux.

Chris got Lux’s name tattooed on his forehead, and she called him out for doing nothing for their child. Kailyn spent her Valentine’s Day going off on Twitter about how one of her three baby daddies is a deadbeat. And since she defended her exes Jo Rivera and Javi Marroquin, it was pretty clear that she was targeting Chris Lopez, the father of her third son.



Blamed Herself

Then the pregnant Teen Mom 2 star blamed herself for having a child with Chris.

“Listen. If one of my baby dads had my child & I couldn’t see him for whatever reason. I’m still sending clothes, diapers, wipes, cards. Whatever,” Kailyn wrote in her next tweet. She followed it up with “And y’all haters or whatever you call yourselves are right. This was my fault bc I had a child w this man. So congrats.”

One person tweeted to Kailyn, “This isn’t just some mistake. She continues to bring children into broken homes. It’s really not ok and just something to learn from.” Kailyn defended the fathers of her first two children, Isaac Rivera, 10 by her former high school sweetheart Jo, and Lincoln Marroquin, 6, from ex-husband Javi. Kail wrote back, “Jo and I were together. Javi and I were married. I just said I take accountability for the 3rd. Thanks,” she replied without coming out and saying Chris’ name.

Put herself in these situations

Fan @Logansmomma89 replied to Kailyn, “Yes it is your fault. You put yourself in these situations. So thank you for finally admitting it!” and the MTCV star responded, “I’ve always known. I never needed anyone to point it out.” Kailyn is currently pregnant with her fourth son and hasn’t named who the father is yet. Chris however has hinted that he’s expecting a son, implying he might be the baby daddy. On Feb. 4, the same day Kailyn shared the news that she’s pregnant, Chris posted “a letter to [his] unborn child,” on Instagram a few hours later. He called the child a “Young King,” with a blue heart emoji, implying it was a boy on the way. On Feb. 10, Kailyn confirmed she’s expecting her fourth son.

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