Donald and Melania Trump Pose in Awkward Photo

Donald and Melania Trump tried to fake PDA while visiting the Taj Mahal in India, but it was apparent. They weren’t actually holding hands during their photo session!

Taj Mahal

Donald Trump called the Taj Mahal “incredible, truly incredible, really incredible.”

This photo of the president with his wife? Not so incredible. The president and First Lady Melania Trump struggled through yet another awkward photo op on February 24, this time while visiting the sacred site in Agra, India. In the photo, taken during Trump’s state visit to India, the president and first lady, looking lovely in a custom Herve Pierre jumpsuit, are standing side by side, rigidly, without touching each other at all. At first glance, it looks as if they may be holding hands. But if you look closer it’s apparent that they’re barely grazing fingers as they pose on the Taj Mahal lawn.

Lack of PDA

This is far from the first instance of uncomfortable (lack of) PDA that the Trumps have shared in 2020 alone. Three weeks before their trip to the Taj Mahal, Melania dodged a kiss from her husband during a White House celebration. The president was in high spirits on February 6 when he found out that he had been acquitted in the Senate impeachment trial. He grabbed his wife and went in for a kiss — she gave him the cheek, instead. Oops. He quickly recovered from the cringey moment and went off on a rant about his victory.

Not holding her hand!

Just a month prior, Melania sharply snatched her hand away from his while they stood on the field at the College Football Championship game between Louisiana and Clemson in New Orleans. The move, made before the national anthem started playing was swift; Melania didn’t even change facial expressions. To see all of these instances of awkward, failed PDA between the president and first lady is just awkward. It is confusing on why they are still even together.

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