5sos Releases New Single and Album #4 Release Date

5sos album #4 is almost here!!

Countless singles

After releasing several singles over the course of the last couple of years, the boys have dropped a new single titled ‘No Shame’ and announced their fourth studio album, titled C A L M, release date.


The band went into Twitter to remind fans of the new preorder package.


New Musical Direction

In the album’s trailer, snippets of each track can be heard with the band taking on a new musical direction.

“For a band to make it to four albums is no small feat in itself,” lead vocalist Luke Hemmings says in a statement. “But to be reinventing and constantly pushing our songwriting and to come out with music that we’ve never been more proud of makes me so happy to be in 5 Seconds of Summer.”

“C A L M speaks on a journey through a young man’s life, for better or for worse. We are all human and all make mistakes, sometimes we hurt the ones we love and inevitably, ourselves in the process. C A L M leaves the band in a much happier, unified and calm state of mind to continue making albums for years to come.”

Official Trailer

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oj81HTfLJso?controls=0]

New Single

On top of the LP announcement, 5 Seconds of Summer also dropped a brand new track!

Titled “No Shame” the tune is an upbeat song that perfectly shows off the band’s continuing growth.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjpxnkY6JmE?controls=0]


C A L M tracklist

1. Red Desert

2. No Shame

3. Old Me

4. Easier

5. Teeth

6. Wildflower

7. Best Years

8. Not in the Same Way

9. Lover of Mine

10. Thin White Lies

11. Lonely Heart

12. High

C A L M  drops March 27 via Interscope Records. To pre-order click here.

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