Demi Lovato performs song she wrote 4 days before her overdose

On Sunday, January 26, Demi Lovato earned a standing ovation for her performance and debut of her new song, “Anyone,” at the Grammy Awards. This was Lovato’s first major live performance since she was hospitalized for a drug overdose in July 2018.


An Interview

This January, in an interview with Zane Lowe, Demi said she wrote “Anyone” just four days before her overdose.

The lyrics of the song include, “Anyone, please send me anyone // Lord, is there anyone? // I need someone.”


A Cry for Help

“I wish I could go back in time and help that version of myself,” she told Lowe in January. “I listen back to these lyrics and I hear it as a cry for help.”


After Sunday night’s performance, fans and mental health advocates alike expressed their admiration and appreciation on Twitter for Lovato’s powerful performance.

In March 2019, the “Sorry Not Sorry” singer took to Instagram to share an important message about addiction recovery on the day she would have been seven years sober. She highlighted that recovery is rarely linear.

Lovato posted a series of stories on Instagram about sobriety and her journey in recovery. She wrote:

“Today I would have been seven years sober. I don’t regret going out because I needed to make those mistakes but I must never forget that’s exactly what they are: mistakes. Grateful that AA/NA never shuts the door on you no matter how many times you have to start your time over. I didn’t lose 6 years, I’ll always have that experience but now I just get to add to that time with a new journey and time count. If you’ve relapsed and are afraid to get help again, just know it’s possible to take that step towards recovery. If you’re alive today, you can make it back. You’re worth it.”

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