Barack Obama Snuggles 3 Month Old Baby in Adorable New video

Barack Obama has left America’s hearts crumbling in a puddle of cuteness ONCE AGAIN!, This time by having a meet-and-greet with a little baby!

Meet Former President

Baby, meet former President Barack Obama, 58. Obama, meet baby. The cutest “networking” went down on a golf course in Hawaii, when Obama took a break from the tee box to say hello to a three-month-old baby named Riley Lewis! The infant’s aunt, Andrea Jones, captured the precious moment on camera and shared the video to Twitter on Dec. 19. In the clip, the 44th U.S. president strolls up with his golfing entourage to the baby and her family, and exclaims Riley is a “cutie pie.” Little Riley is then handed to Obama, and the former POTUS proceeded to remind us why he was so beloved during his time in the Oval Office.

Watch Video Here

A Cutie Pie

“Come on, baby. She’s a cutie pie,” Obama gushes to Riley, and then coos, “How you doin’? how you doin’?” Given his good sense of humor, Obama couldn’t resist throwing a few jokes in: “See, she’s waving…I can’t feed you, no baby, I can’t.” The video ended with Obama planting a presidential kiss on the baby’s forehead, and with him gushing that Riley is “‘adorable.” Reflecting upon the chance encounter, Riley’s aunt wrote on Twitter later, “President Obama gracefully walked up and asked to hold my niece Riley. He was golfing in Hawaii. My niece is the GOAT period.”

Not the first time

This isn’t the first baby Obama has run into on a golf course! While hitting the green at the Mid-Pacific Country Club in Lanikai, Oahu on Dec. 22, a fan-filmed the former Illinois senator cradling yet another baby. This little one was just five weeks old and named Levi, who was rocking a reindeer onesie in honour of Christmas’ approaching date. Once again, Obama made us swoon with his baby talk, and his ability to chat with children as if they’re fellow colleagues at The White House.

“You’ve been eating, haven’t you?” Obama asked the newborn.

His Favorite Getaway

The island of Oahu is a favourite getaway spot of Obama’s, who has made it a tradition to take his wife and former First Lady Michelle Obama, 55, and their daughters Malia, 21, and Sasha, 18, to the island every Christmas break. Obama touched down in the tropical state via private airplane on Dec. 16. It’s a sentimental place for Obama since he spent a large portion of his childhood and all his teenage years on Oahu, where he attended and graduated from the island’s prestigious Punahou School.

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