What you need to know about Ana, Tyga’s New Kylie Look Alike

Tyga had a pretty girl in his red Ferrari on Nov. 16, and she turned out to be Ana Beatriz Boaretto! Her long dark hair reminded many fans of Tyga’s ex, Kylie Jenner, but Ana has her own fair share of accomplishments.

Case is closed

Case closed. The mystery girl sitting by Tyga, 30, in his hot red Ferrari on Nov. 16 was actually Ana Beatriz Boaretto, who is becoming a familiar face in Los Angeles! The duo was seen leaving Delilah restaurant in West Hollywood together that Saturday night, and it’s unclear if they are friends or something more. However, her jet black hair does remind us of someone Tyga had “something more” with — his once longtime girlfriend and now ex, Kylie Jenner, 22!

Tyga and the makeup mogul stirred up rumours of a romantic reunion throughout October, thanks to a few eyebrow-raising coincidences here and there — Kylie visiting the same hotel Tyga was recording music at, and the exes hitting up the same night club. For now, Tyga is enjoying hangouts with new women like Ana. Here’s what you should know about her!

5 Things

1. This is (reportedly) not the first time Ana and Tyga have hung out. Apparently, they met through mutual friends and “have been hanging out since May,” sources stated. Again, it’s unclear if those reported hangouts have been romantic or not.

2. Ana served as a creative director on a music video starring Chris Brown. She aided in the creative direction of Yella Beezy’s music video for “Restroom Occupied,” which featured Chris (AKA, Breezy).

3. She’s a model for cutting-edge brands. Ana has lent her good looks to model for Set Active, the activewear brand popular among Instagram influencers, in addition to the clothing and footwear label Leah Kirsch.

4. She is connected to a few famous people (other than Tyga). Ana posed for a group photo alongside Halsey at the singer’s Halloween party in 2018 (FYI, Halsey is a friend of Tyga’s). Her Instagram grid also features several photos with Tjani, a dance and electronic music artist.

5. She has a respectable Instagram following. Ana currently boasts more than 33,000 followers on Instagram as of Nov. 19, 2019. We’re sure those numbers will only shoot up now that she’s associated with one of the hottest names in rap music!


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