Kylie Reacts To Caitlyn Jenner’s Grandkid Comment

Caitlyn Jenner claimed she’ll soon have 20 grandchildren on ‘I’m A Celebrity,’ The number of grand kids — that didn’t add up to fans — led some to believe Kylie was pregnant!

A Sense of Humor

Lucky for Caitlyn Jenner, 70, her daughter Kylie, 22, shares her sense of humor. The former Olympian appeared to either let the cat out of the bag — or do her math wrong — after Catilyn said she’d have 20 grandchildren by December on the Nov. 21 episode of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! Since Caitlyn only has 16 grandchildren (with two more on the way), that left fans to wonder if Kylie was filling in the gap with even more babies!

“[Caitlyn’s] comments on I’m A Celebrity didn’t bother [Kylie] at all,” a source close to the family stated. In fact, Kylie had the opposite reaction of anger!

“If anything, [Kylie] kind of just laughed at it. That’s just who her dad is in those kinds of situations,” our source continues. It also helps that Kylie is on solid terms with Caitlyn, despite the feud that her dad’s 2017 memoir The Secrets of My Life ignited with Kylie’s mom Kris, 64. “Kylie and Caitlyn have always had a really good relationship despite anyone else in the family’s feelings on Caitlyn. Kylie loves her dad very much and has stayed out of the drama with the Jenners and her mom, Kris, to just focus on her own relationship with her dad,” our source explains.

The Feud is Over

The feud is now over, since Caitlyn sent her ex-wife birthday love on Instagram earlier this November. Even before Caitlyn made peace with Kris and the Kardashian family, however,

Kylie has “always been understanding and supportive of Caitlyn’s stance on things” and “never wavered from that,” our source shared with us.

Kylie and Caitlyn really do share a special bond, because our insider adds, “Out of all the kids, Caitlyn has had the easiest time in her relationship with Kylie than probably any of her other kids. Their bond is quite easy and special. Kylie is a really good listener and is compassionate, kind, caring and always tries to form her own opinion. She never let anyone else’s feelings on Caitlyn and her parents divorce get in the way of her own feelings.”



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