Gwen Stefani opens up about “how lucky she is to have Blake”

Blake Shelton couldn’t take his eyes off girlfriend, Gwen Stefani’s, long legs after the Nov. 26 episode of ‘The Voice’ — and he kept her face red with his compliments!

BTS videos

Gwen Stefani, 50, posted several behind-the-scenes videos from the set of The Voice on Nov. 26, many of which featured herself and boyfriend, Blake Shelton. In one video, the two are seen walking around backstage, with Blake checking out Gwen’s outfit.

“Hey, I like those cowboy boots you got on, by the way,” Blake told Gwen. “With the fringe on them. I like those legs more that go into the cowboy boots!” The compliment caused Gwen to blush and giggle, but she thanked her man for the message.

How Lucky I am

“See how lucky I am?!” she said to the camera. “I got Blake Shelton!” Despite the fun times backstage, though, it wasn’t the most exciting night for Gwen — her artist, Myracle Holloway, was eliminated during the live episode of The Voice.

In another set of videos, Blake could be seen consoling Gwen about the elimination. However, he also pointed out that, at this point in the competition — with so few artists left — every elimination is unfair and gut-wrenching. That’s true, after all!

Ten Artist Left

Now, there are just ten artists left on the show: Blake and Gwen each have two singers on their teams, while Kelly Clarkson and John Legend have three contestants each. Next week, two more artists will be eliminated, leaving just eight singers left for the semifinals. From there, the group will be split in half, leaving four finalists left before a winner is named.

Never Won Before

Gwen has never won The Voice before, so she’s itching for the W more than ever this season. Meanwhile, with Kelly and John taking home the last three seasons, Blake is overdue for a win, and is fighting for his team members more than ever. We’ll have to wait and see what happens!

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