Taylor Swift Performs an Acoustic Cover of Lover on SNL

She’s baaaaack!! Taylor Swift has returned to ‘Saturday Night Live’. Why else would she choose to perform these tracks on the October 5 show!

SNL Performance

A few blocks uptown from Cornelia Street, Taylor Swift returned to Studio 8h at Rockefeller Center to bless her fans with an incredible performance during Saturday Night Live. Playing musical guest to host and recent Emmy winner Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Taylor busted out the title track of her latest album, ‘Lover’ that brought the audience to their feet, even without the line,

‘ladies and gentlemen, will you please stand?’

Leave it to Taylor to break down the song so well, leaving us with goosebumps!

Green Attire

Taylor dressed to impress. She looked as good as she sounded. For her return to SNL, Taylor went for a very green look. Dressing head to toe in a gorgeous green sweater, earrings, and skirt. She even went so far as to match her outfit to her piano, as well as the background, where pages upon pages of her music floated in midair.

False God

Later, Taylor returned to perform a song she has yet to perform yet live on TV, ‘False God.’ While it was a surprise choice, the lyrics that pay homage to SNL’s home, NYC.

“I can’t talk to you when you’re like this,” she crooned. “Staring out the window like I’m not your favourite town. I’m in New York City.” She also changed up her look, rocking an oversized black blazer, while surrounding herself with Edison lights and inviting Lenny Pickett, saxophonist and musical director of SNL to perform with her. All in all, it was a night for Taylor fans who love to listen to her reimagine her music.

Two Year Absence

This marks Taylor’s return to the show after a nearly two-year absence. Ironically, when she was the musical guest back in November 2017, she shared the stage with another star on the rise, Tiffany Haddish, and from that night bloomed a beautiful friendship. Remember when Tiffany recorded a skit for Taylor’s Reputation tour?  Of course, fans are really hoping that Taylor will return again to pull dual host and musical guest duties like she did all the way back in 2013. If you missed it, her monologue is worth a re-watch — if for no other reason then to relive her feud with Kanye West at its pique.

First Film

While Taylor doesn’t have to worry about touring with Lover until next summer, SNL marks the start of a very busy end of 2019 for the superstar. Taylor will likely have her paws full promoting her first film in five years, Cats, along with Jennifer Hudson, James Corden, and Idris Elba. Taylor plays Bombalurina, a flirtatious, statuesque feline and the role will perhaps be the first real test of Taylor’s dancing ability since her video for ‘Delicate’. I can’t wait to watch her perfect performance.

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