Millie Bobbie Brown Gets Extensions!

We can’t keep up with Millie Bobby Brown. The 15-year-old ‘Stranger Things’ star is rocking longer hair days after removing her extensions, dying her hair blonde and wearing a short hair style.

Always Changing

Millie Bobby Brown, 15, is proving to be a hair chameleon. The Stranger Things star has been rocking a series of styles in just over a week. So much so that it’s making it hard to keep up with her multiple hair makeovers. Her hair appears to always be changing!! On October 5 the British actress was snapped after a fan meet and greet at an Ulta Beauty in Naperville, Illinois. Her honey blonde, chestnut brown mix hair extensions hung in soft waves down her shoulders. The actress – who was photographed wearing a lilac jumpsuit – held her pink, sparkly high heels in one hand as she exited the building barefoot.

Naperville, IL – *EXCLUSIVE* – Millie Bobby Brown sneaks out the back exit of Ulta after a meet and greet. The ‘Stranger Things’ actress wore a light purple jumpsuit and went barefoot, carrying her pink heels in one hand.
Pictured: Millie Bobby Brown
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On Sept. 25, Millie delighted fans by showing off long, wavy extensions in a series of photos that were posted on the Dafne Evangelista Beauty Lounge Instagram page. Speaking to someone off camera at the Miami salon, the giggly actress gushed that it was an “amazing” experience, saying that she now has “hair for the first time in four years.” The longer hair was soon ditched two days later, however, for a shorter sandy blonde style. Now Millie has chopped and changed again, back to longer hair and a warmer hue.

Millie – who plays Eleven in Stranger Things – has been showing off her beauty muscles recently. The young star is the face of her very own beauty line, Florence By Mills, which she has been promoting on both sides of the Atlantic this fall. The skincare and cosmetics brand boasts that it features “vitamins, antioxidants, botanicals, and other clean ingredients,” according to its website. Meanwhile, it shuns “parabens, sulfates, dyes and animal testing.”

When she’s not being a beauty mogul and showing off an array of new hairstyles, Millie is winning her fans over on Netflix and the big screen. In addition to starring in Season 3 of the hit series Stranger Things, she has been keeping fans entertained in movie theatres by appearing in Godzilla: King of the Monsters, which was released earlier this year. And, by the way, when she appeared on that red carpet at the premiere in China in May 2019, Millie looked elegant wearing a long brown and blonde ombre ponytail. The length was courtesy of – yes, that’s right – extensions!


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