Jessica Lange Admits She Won’t Return to AHS

Jessica Lange has revealed that she won’t return to American Horror Story now that she’s filmed The Politician on Netflix. She states that she has no further plans to act after The Politician.

The cast is very different

AHS: 1984 might be on air right now, but the American Horror Story season 9 cast is drastically different from the previous seasons. Jessica Lange, Evan Peters and Frances Conroy have all left (*sobs*) and it looks like AHS legend Sarah Paulson will be playing a  smaller role than usual this season (ouch my heart). Jessica played major roles in Murder House, Asylum, Freak Show and Coven but since then she’s only briefly returned in Apocalypse. The Oscar-winning actress is now wowing audiences in The Politician.


However, Jessica has now confirmed that she has no plans to return to American Horror Story or TV from now on. Speaking to The Wrap about potentially starring in future seasons of American Horror Story,

Jessica stated, “I don’t think so. I did [Apocalypse] because it was recreating Constance, which was, for me, it was a very important time when I did that first season, Murder House. But I don’t think I would want to start from scratch and create a character.”She then continued to explain why she has no intention of making an AHS come back. “And also I think a lot of the actors that I was working with, people that I really love working with, like Sarah [Paulson] or Frances [Conroy] or Kathy [Bates] – I don’t know who’s in this new season, but I don’t think it would be the same.”

The New Actors

While Billie Lourde, Leslie Grossman, Matthew Morrison, DeRon Horton, Angelica Ross and Zach Villa are all excellent in 1984, Emma Roberts, John Caroll Lynch and Cody Fern are the only leading actors in the new season who Jessica has actually worked with before.


We Feel You Jessica

Jessica also told Entertainment Weekly: “I feel like I got the best of it in those first four seasons. Great characters. It was exciting to do. I worked with some of my favorite actors but I can’t see that we could ever get back to that.”

On top of that, Jessica told The Hollywood Reporter she thinks she’s done with TV for good. “It would take something very, very different and special to jump back into [TV]. Because at this point, I’m not sure I’m not finished. I might have come to the end of it.”

Jessica did previously claim that she was done with TV after leaving AHS for the first time. However, AHS showrunner Ryan Murphy persuaded her to star in Feud, Apocalypse and The Politician, so we wouldn’t rule out seeing her on TV again just yet.

In other words, Ryan it’s time to get on the phone with Sarah, Frances and Kathy. We’re going AHS originals for season 10.

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