This Is Us Season 4 Trailer Released

‘This Is Us’ season 4 is going in an extremely new direction, adding a ton of more characters and storylines. The first season 4 trailer revealed multiple new cast members, including Jennifer Morrison, ‘When They See Us’ stars, and more.

This is Us

If you think you know This Is Us, you don’t really know This Is Us. That’s the message the  NBC drama is saying in the season 4 trailer.

“It’s so strange, isn’t it? How just like that a complete stranger can become such a big part of your story,” Rebecca tells Jack in the beginning of the trailer. “It’s actually kind of terrifying, you know? How a single cross with one person you’ve never met can change everything.”

Fan Favourites

The trailer shows our fan favourites like Jack, Rebecca, and the rest of the Pearson fam. Griffin Dunne and Phylicia Rashad, a.k.a. Nicky and Beth’s mom, are returning in season 4 as well. However, there is a slew of new characters coming into the fold in season 4. Jennifer Morrison, best known for her role as Emma as Once Upon A Time, is coming into the picture. She plays a member of the military and comes home to hug Nick Wechsler’s character in the trailer. That’s all we know for now.  We cannot wait for the mystery to unravel.

Joining the Show

Omar Epps and M. Night Shyamalan are also joining the show, along with When They See Us stars Marsha Stephanie Blake and Asante Blackk. Both of them recently received Emmy nominations for their powerful performances as Linda McCray and Kevin Richardson in the Netflix miniseries. This Is Us earned 9 Emmy nominations this year.

This Is Us loves a good plot twist, so you know season 4 is going to blow us all away and make us cry all the tears. The series will return with a special extended premiere event on Sept. 24 at 9 p.m. on NBC. The title is of the first episode of season 4 is “Strangers.”


Are you excited? Check out the trailer below! Tell us what you think in the comments.




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