Khloe Kardashian has a Horrible Therapy Session with Tristan

In the premiere of KUWTK. Khloe Kardashian considers uninviting Tristan Thompson from their daughter’s first birthday party after a therapy session had gone wrong.

Season Seventeen Premiere

The season 17 premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians picks up about six weeks after Tristan Thompson cheated on Khloe Kardashian with Jordyn Woods.

I” really am just trying to figure out my own life at the moment,” Khloe admits. “I have so many raw emotions toward Tristan. I’m just healing and processing and going through the motions, I guess.” Tristan is not giving up on trying to win Khloe back with flowers and a flood of calls and texts, but luckily, she sees right through it. “Tristan thinks people are disposable,” Khloe tells her sisters. “Like if he sends me enough flowers or text messages, I’m going to come around.” At this point, Khloe had not seen Tristan in person since his night with Jordyn. “I know I’ll get to that place,” she says. “Right now, it’s really challenging and tough for me. My feelings are super raw and I’m hurt and humiliated by what he did to me.” Of course, with the pair’s daughter, True Thompson’s, first birthday approaching, Khloe is put in a tough spot: Should she invite Tristan or not? “It’s too soon,” she tells Kris Jenner. “[He doesn’t] deserve to be there. But is that unfair to True? Yes.”

Avoid any awkwardness

Khloe knowsif she talked to Tristan before the party it would make things less awkward rather than them seeing each other for the first time at the event, but she’s admittedly not ready for that because she knows it will end in a “screaming match.”

Alternate Plan

Although, she has an alternative plan — speaking with him over the phone with a therapist present.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the result she was hoping for. “We did a therapy session to figure out how to co-parent True, but I wish I didn’t,” Khloe says. “It was a really hard time for me. I’m fighting with myself now…did I make the right choice by including Tristan in True’s birthday?” Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian even consider uninviting the basketball star, but Kris urges Khloe to think things through. “I’m not going to tell you what to do with Tristan because those feelings are really raw,” she reveals. “‘I’m just asking you to be a little easier.”

Kims Insight


Khloe’s inner drama continues when Kim Kardashian puts her insight towards the situation, “Do you really think that’s a good idea? “she asks. “I just feel like it’s going to be such a spectacle that it’s the first time you guys are seeing each other.” This pisses Khloe off and builds up her anxiety even more. “I already made the decision that I want True’s dad at her birthday,” she tells Kim. “I want this s** behind me so it’s sooner that we can move on with my life.” Eventually, Khloe storms out.

One-Sided Hug

On the morning of the party, though, she reveals that she decided to have Tristan over the night before so things would be slightly less awkward at the party. “It was fine,” she tells her assistant. “At first he texted saying I’m here, and I brought True to the door to answer and she was so excited and it was really cute. Then literally he was just kind of lingering so I’m like…are you going to put her to sleep tonight? [But he stayed] with an intention to see me. He’s like…do you want to grab a glass of wine? I’m like…it must say dumb f***ing w**ore on my forehead. And then he’s like…can I have a hug, so I one-arm hugged him, but that’s not nice enough. He tried to kiss me. I’m like…that’s the problem with you. You can’t just take what you get. The next morning he’s like, thank you for letting me see True. She looked great and you looked even better.”

The Party/ Kanye

Finally, it’s time for the party, and things are definitely awkward when Tristan walks in. Khloe and him take a photo with True in front of everyone and all eyes are on them. The real drama happens, though, when Kim spots Kanye West talking to Tristan and approaches him to ask what they were chatting about. Kanye explains that Tristan didn’t like the fact that they used ‘Ye’s song in a KUWTK teaser from the previous season, where the footage was showing the cheating scandal unfold.

“He felt like we were using my music to reinforce his narrative,” Kanye explains.

Put her Sh*t to the Side

Seeing all of this back and forth worries Khloe. “I’m just trying to be mature and put my s*** to the side,” she says. “I don’t need this.” She lets Kim know that she’s NOT happy that she’s bringing even more drama to the event, and eventually storms off. “I know with so many family members, everyone thinks they’re doing the right thing and everyone’s intention is to help and be protective,” Khloe says in her confessional. “But at Trues’ birthday party, it’s not the right timing.”

I guess we will have to wait and see how everything plays out with the sisters.

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