Kevin Hart Scary Car Accident: Details revealed

On September 1st Kevin Hart got into a serious car accident that resulted in back injuries and Kevin needing surgery. 


Shocking audio of a 911 call made by a witness after Kevin Hart’s September 1 car crash reveals that the roof of the vehicle was ‘crushed,’ and that first responders needed to cut him out.


An unidentified man who witnessed Kevin Hart‘s devastating car crash immediately called 911 and told the operator that they needed to send first responders to cut the victims out of their vehicle. The witness saw Kevin’s car careen off the famed Mulholland Highway Los Angeles into a ditch, and called 911 to report that there were two people stuck (Later discovering 3 people) In the audio of the call, the man reveals that everyone in the car was conscious, but “scared because they’re stuck in there,” referring to the crushed 1970 Plymouth Barracuda.

“The roof is crushed, the car is pretty totaled,” he added.

Jared Black

The caller revealed that the driver, Jared Black, was able to free himself from the wreckage before first responders arrived. He said that Jared “looked hurt,” and Jared’s fiancée, Rebecca Broxterman, was still stuck in the car, owned by Kevin. The caller yelled at the couple to “stay calm, help’s coming!” Kevin’s team rescued the comedian from the car before help arrived, and took him to his nearby home “to get medical attention.” He was eventually sent to the hospital; he and Jared suffered “major back injuries” in the crash, while Rebecca was able to walk away with “minor” pains. Police told sources that Jared was not drinking, but they are investigating if speed was a factor in the crash.


Kevin had to undergo surgery for his back injuries. A source said that the comedian truly believes that it’s “a miracle” that everyone survived the crash, and that he’s resting and counting his blessings.

““Kevin is resting and really appreciative that no one has died from this horrible crash,” the source said. “It was as scary as one would think and he is looking to take this time and spend it with family and just get better. He is beat up but thankfully not in a life threatening situation.”

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