Gigi Hadid Thinks Tyler Cameron is a Total Package

Was it love at first sight? We are not sure… but we do know that Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron’s romance is heating up! And here are the details!

Many Occasions

It looks like things are really heating up for Gigi Hadid, 24, and Tyler Cameron, 26. The couple have been spotted together on many occasions over the past month, and after Tyler stood by Gigi’s side when her oma passed away on August 31, the pair have been inseparable.

Real Deal

Rumours have been saying that Gigi and Tyler are the real deal.

“Gigi has grown much closer to Tyler in the past few weeks and she really enjoys spending time with him whenever she can,” a source states. “When Gigi first started seeing Tyler, she really wanted to take things slowly and not rush into anything too quickly. Gigi isn’t a fan of her relationships being in the spotlight, and knowing that Tyler was just coming off The Bachelorette, she knew there would be a lot of attention surrounding them seeing each other.”

The spotlight hasn’t stopped  Gigi and Tyler from getting closer to each other and opening up to one another.

“They have spent a lot of time together and really gotten to know each other on a deeper level,” the source continued. “Gigi loves the fact that Tyler gets along well with her family, and they completely support her seeing him.”

New York Fashion Week

Gigi is currently making the rounds at New York Fashion Week, and reportedly loves having Tyler right there with her. They were even spotted at the TommyXZendaya show on September seventh.

“She loves having him by her side during NYFW and he’s the kind of guy who shows up to support her which is unlike other relationships she’s had in the past,” the source revealed. “She really does feel he’s the total package.”

“They are very alike and at first you’d think that might scare her off because it might be too good to be true,” the source continued. “But it is actually a blessing in disguise because she thinks she has really found her person. It’s something that really is working out and she loves spending all her time with him. And he is equally excited because they are just in a really amazing space right now. Things aren’t moving fast; they are moving just right.”

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