Dean Unglert Talks about how he found his match Caelynn

It’s been a long ride for Dean Unglert during his time starring in the Bachelor franchise. From being sent home on Rachel’s season to leaving on Bachelor on Paradise ONLY TO COME BACK and beg for Caelynn. But it appears the struggle was worth it. He may have finally found his match Caelynn Miller-Keyes.

Rachel Linsday

Dean Unglert was first introduced on Rachel Lindsay’s season (season 13) of the Bachelorette. He recently made an appearence on Rachel’s and Ali Fedotowsky’s Bachelor Happy Hour podcast on Sept. 11, and dished all about his relationship with Caelynn-Miller Keyes.

The Third Girl

Caelynn happens to be the third woman who Dean has dated after meeting on a Bachelor Nation show, but he admittedly feels less pressure in their relationship than his previous post-show romances with Kristina Schulman and Lesley Murphy.

“It was always kind of regarded as I was the lesser version of [my exes], and they were slumming it to be with me and how they were so much better than me,” Dean explained. “The toll that puts on a relationship is kind of frustrating from my perspective, because what the public perceives and what the relationship actually is is misaligned. That’s not right. So there’s a certain amount of undue pressure that gets put on a relationship, and me specifically, when the entire world thinks that the girl I’m dating is slumming it to be with me.”

Certain Reputation

However, because of the reputation that Caelynn has received during her two appearances on Bachelor Nation shows, things are different.

“I’ve communicated this with her before,” Dean admitted. “I was like…the fact that you’re regarded as kind of like a mean, catty person at times on the show, is almost relieving to me because it removes so much pressure for me to prove to other people that I’m worth your time.” Of course, Dean confirmed that he doesn’t find Caelynn to be a “mean, catty person,” but explained that she does “have her moments,” and said that he’s pointed them out to her himself.

Season Six

Dean and Caelynn met on season six of Bachelor in Paradise and quickly hit it off. However, he eventually decided he wasn’t ready for a serious relationship and didn’t want to lead her on because he knew that’s what she was looking for. So, he left the show and broke her heart. Caelynn then started a relationship with Connor Saeli, but just as they were starting to really hit it off, Dean returned to win her back.


Caelynn struggled with her choice of who to choose at first, but she ended up going back to Dean and leaving Paradise with him on the spot. This happened while the show was filming in June, and Caelynn has been dating him since. They confirmed they were still together after the episode aired by posting photos together on Instagram post-show.

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