Adam Lind is back after a two year hiatus on Teen Mom 2

With Jenelle Evans being gone, ‘Teen Mom 2’s new season needed some fresh drama.. Which cued the return of Adam Lind, the father of Chelsea Houska’s eldest daughter after two years away from the show. Uh Oh!

He’s back and not wanted

He’s baaaaack! Teen Mom 2 fans haven’t seen Adam Lind, the father of Chelsea Houska‘s 10-year-old daughter Aubree for more than two years. He’s been away from the show dealing with legal issues including a domestic violence arrest in 2017 as well as testing positive for meth while going through a custody battle for Aubree. But the 30-year-old has returned for season nine and Chelsea, 28, is not pleased in the upcoming episode.

Hugging Aubree

In a new clip, Adam is seen hugging a smiling Aubree after one of her little league games and Chelsea is pissed. She’s holding her one-year-old daughter Layne with husband Cole DeBoer and standing on the other side of the baseball field.

“Oh my God I’m uncomfortable,” she complains.

It appears that Adam is trying to be an attentive dad again and seems to have got his act together. Chelsea got full custody of Aubree in Jan. of 2018 and even changed her daughter’s last name to Lind-DeBoer last season.


Fans on Twitter were mixed about her reaction. “WTH is wrong with Chelsea?! She knows Adam exists! She should be thrilled his ass showed up! Based on the clip, she looks like a hung up ex! Why she feel uncomfortable?! She looks great! Has a GREAT man! Supposedly has a great life!” a user named Robin wrote under the clip. A fan named Liz tweeted ” Holy cow is that Adam? Hope he is getting help and clean. But I don’t trust it.”

Straight Facts

A fan named Courtney pointed out facts, “Thought she couldn’t see Adam unless it was at the visitation center?” to which another replied “Him and his mom probably showed up. It’s not like Chelsea would ever call the police she’ll just bitch about how it’s making her have anxiety.”

Goodbye Jenelle

Adam’s return seems to be an attempt to bring more drama to Teen Mom 2 now that Jenelle Evans is no longer part of the cast. She was let go in May after her drama involving husband David Eason shooting and killing her pet dog Nugget, which resulted in her temporarily losing her kids while CPS investigated if their home was safe. He had already been fired from the MTV show a year prior for making transphobic and homophobic tweets.

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