Jessie J takes a social media break weeks after lover

Jessie J Is taking a social media break and focussing on her album. This happened weeks after her lover, Channing Tatum, posted about taking his own social media break.

Not Real Life

“Instagram is fun, but it isn’t real life,” Jessie J wrote on Saturday, teasing in addition, “I’m off to write a new album”×
Jessie J is taking a breather from social media.

“Done it before. Doing it again. Having a break from the gram,” the 31-year-old singer wrote in a post shared to her Instagram account on Saturday — less than three weeks after boyfriend Channing Tatum announced his own hiatus from the social media platform.

“To get out my phone and into REAL LIFE,” she continued. “I spend way too much time scrolling through some BS.”

Jessie’s caption went into detail about her digital detox, explaining, “For the record I’m OK. Happy, healthy and sane. People often presume to come off Instagram you are going through some s—. Lol. Actually it’s the opposite. [I’m] in such a good place that I want to respect and nurture that looking up and not looking down.”

“Instagram is fun, but it isn’t real life, I’m off to write a new album. 🔋,” she added. “Telling just the people who support me. Love you all. Be back soon. Refreshed and refuelled and ad-libbing OBVIOUSLY ❤️ (Also try and Instagram cleanse every once in a while — it can do you no harm) 🙏🏻”

Two Weeks After Tatum

The “Domino”singer’s post came two and a half weeks after beau Tatum, 39, announced his own hiatus from social media, writing in early August that his decision was based on “trying to get inspired and create again.”

“To be honest I don’t really feel, or at least I haven’t felt very creative on social in the last couple years now,” the Magic Mike XXL star explained. “I’m gonna go and be just in the real world for a while and off my phone. I’ll probably come back at some point. But if I do I want to have a direction or a clear point of view of why I’m on here and what I’m putting out there. Love ya! See ya after a while!”

The actor, who signed the statement with a simple “Chan,” went on to add more details about his break in the since-deleted caption of his post.

“The thing about creativity … in my experience, is she always comes knocking when you just aren’t looking. I’d say [if] you’ve got a pretty good record creatively, she’ll be back when the time’s right,” Tatum wrote.


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