Stranger Things Actress: Francesca Reale provides insight on fan theory

Francesca Reale (Heather) has commented and given us Stranger Things fans an insight on what she thinks happened to Elevens powers. 

Ending of Season 3

The ending of Stranger Things Season 3 offered a number of shocking developments from the franchise–namely the death of the Mind Flayer’s possessed hosts and the loss of Eleven’s powers. Though the events seemed to be unrelated, one fan theory suggests that they may, in fact, be connected. The series actress Francesca Reale, who plays lifeguard Heather has weighed in and given her own insight.

Prior to the Climax

Prior to the season’s incredible climax, the Mind Flayer is seen luring in and consuming the bodies of its hosts in order to accumulate mass for its monstrous body, seemingly killing characters including Heather and her parents. Shortly after, Eleven strains herself so much that she seems to lose her powers. Francesca Reale told Elite Daily that she was fairly certain that Heather was gone, but also cited a popular theory to the contrary.

“There’s a theory that Eleven lost her powers because all of the people who died in the Mind Flayer are going to absorb them as they live in the Upside Down,” she said. “Like, if she lost her powers, it’s because all these people are living in the Upside Down and they’re absorbing her powers to survive down there.”She continued to add, however, that she was not fully sold on the theory. “That sounds awesome, that it’s their energy source and they’re taking it away from her,” Reale continued. “But I also do think there’s a chance that it’s just overuse. I mean, her powers and her abilities are such a major part for a good chunk of the season this year.”

What will occur in the next season?

At this point, it’s hard to say what will occur in the next season of Stranger Things and which fan theories, if any, will prove correct. There are many theories about the cliffhangers of this last season. Is Hopper really dead? Or has he been kept prisoner by the Russians? Will Eleven’s powers come back? What truly happened to her powers? I guess we will have to wait to find out. Although we love hearing fan theories! If you have any of your own comment below! We would love feedback.

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