Justin Bobby Sends Message to Audrina during an episode of ‘The Hills’

Justin Bobby appeared to be sending a message to Audrina during an episode of ‘The Hills’ on August 5. Many believe he was trying to tell her that they’re never ever getting back together.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Justin Bobby arrived at Frankie‘s Thanksgiving dinner with a hot blonde date on his arm during the Aug. 5 episode of The Hills: New Beginnings. And it was a complete screw you to Audrina because just last week she basically ended her friendship with him over his shady behaviour with Stephanie. She was upset that he was leading her on and not treating her right, and then he went ahead and brought a different woman to Friendsgiving? Is he insane?! Basically, everyone thought Justin was out of line for bringing his new girlfriend, Lindsey, to Frankie’s without giving as much as a warning to Audrina, but then again, we are talking about Justin Bobby here.


Anyway, as the girls gathered inside and talked about how much of a dirtbag Justin is, Spencer and Heidi asked everyone else about an incident in which Brody supposedly attacked Stephanie at a club a few nights before. Brody had heard from Audrina that Stephanie didn’t care about his safety when he was fighting the wildfire in Malibu, so he was extremely upset with her. Justin and Frankie said the situation was pretty awful so that just made Spencer even more mad with Brody than he already was. It appears that the feuding won’t stop anytime soon.

An Apology

Later on in the episode, Stephanie got up from the table and joined Audrina inside to ask her how she felt about Justin and his date. More specifically, she wanted an apology from Audrina since Justin clearly wasn’t dating her, even though Audrina thought he was. However, Audrina told Stephanie that they’re “not friends” and she doesn’t deserve anything from her. “It’s over,” Audrina yelled before storming outside.

Seeking more drama?

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