The Ranch Part 7 is not coming to Netflix next month

The Ranch part 7 which stars Ashton Kutcher and Sam Elliot will not be coming to Netflix in August this year. We will have to wait at least another month to find out the release date. 

Just a bit longer

The wait for the Ranch part 7 just got a bit longer. Netflix released the full list of what is coming to the popular streaming app in August 2019, and the Ranch part 7 was not on it. There was a lot of speculation about Part 7 coming to Netflix in August, but viewers will have to wait. Hopefully, episodes will come in another month.

Part 6

The Ranch part six premiered on December 2018, and we, along with a lot of fans of the show, were expecting Part 7 to be released in June this year. That was when seasons two and three of the series started. But then, June came and went, and we still didn’t see part 7 on the program. Which left many disappointed.


Although, Ashton Kutcher confirmed on Twitter that Part 7 would be coming to Netflix later this year and that the series would be ending after Season 4 (part 7 and part 8.)

So when will it be on Netflix?

At this point, it’s anyone’s guess. It was assumed that they would have wanted to bridge that gap between Part 6 and Part 8 with new episodes sometime this summer, but it appears that it would be more likely for new episodes to be released in fall.

There is a really good chance that we will see part 7 in either September or October. I couldn’t imagine Netflix waiting an entire year or releasing it to the last month, December. Fans are eagerly waiting for part 7.

Are you excited?

Are you excited for part 7? What has your favorite episode been so far?? Tell us all your thoughts below!!!

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