Macklemore opens up on his sobriety and how it changed his relationships

Macklemore opened up on his relationship with his mother-in-law with a comment via Instagram that revealed their relationship was much better since he got sober. 

Shopping, Eating, and Paris

The thirty-six-year-old rapper posted a picture of himself alongside his wife Tricia’s mother, Diana, as the duo took a break from shopping and eating in Paris to capture the moment on camera.

“Out here in Paris with my mama in law. Glowed up. Grown up. She used to not trust my ass at all, as I’d sneak in and out of her house to visit @baba_g on the late night. Now we in Paris eating appetizers, shopping, walking the city and looking out the window at the Eiffel Tower. Life is good. Change is good. I love her beyond words. And I think she likes me now,” Macklemore’s caption read.

Few Million Dollars won’t keep you sober

A commenter posed a cynical reason for the improvement of their relationship shortly thereafter, writing to the rapper, “Amazing what a few million dollars can do.”

In response, the artist commented that it was his sobriety, not his finances, that mended their relationship.

“Although money is nice, it, unfortunately, can’t keep you sober. And when I got sober that’s when our relationship changed. Money had nothing to do with it. (But yet, Paris is hella expensive and these euros adding up,” he wrote.


The rapper, whose real name is Ben Haggerty, started drinking and using drugs at the age of fourteen. Once he became famous, his drug use escalated.

“There was a rapid transition and to have the world’s eye on me all at once with back-to-back number ones, and all the accolades that came with it — I didn’t know how to deal with it,” Macklemore told a magazine last year. “I didn’t know how to adjust, so I escaped.”

“I used drugs to cope with it and to get out of my head. Dealing with the love, criticism and outside public perceptions is a balancing act,” he added.


Macklemore has said that his mother-in-law stuck with him when other people distanced themselves from him. It was a very difficult time for him and everyone around him.

He fully got sober in 2012, and is a father of two daughters, with his second born last year. Macklemore we are proud of you.


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