Joe Jonas’ dog striked by car in NYC and dies

Such heartbreaking news for Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner. One of their beloved dogs broke free from Joe’s dog walker in New York City, running into traffic, and getting struck and killed by a car.

Sad News

Joe and Sophie’s sweet honeymoon bliss was cut short on July 24th after one of their beloved dogs was killed. It was their Alaskan Klee Kai pup named Waldo who was struck and killed. The pairs dog walker had Waldo on a leash strolling around the Lower East Side of Manhattan when something spooked the pup and he broke free, running straight into traffic. Sadly Waldo was killed in what was titled, a ‘freak accident.’

Police Report

A source claimed that the couple filed a police report on July 26, waiting two days after the sad death of their pup because “they were so torn up they had to go to a therapist after the internet.”

It was very hard on the couple because their dogs were like their children. Losing their pup was like losing a child. Joe initially bought Waldo’s brother Porky when he was a small puppy and as a surprise for Sophie. They later decided to adopt Waldo who came from the same litter so Porky would have a companion. The couple has been seen numerous times walking their dogs and it is evident that their dogs are their everything.

Announced the addition

Sophie had announced Waldo’s addition to the family on April 16, 2018, in a cute Instagram post. He was seen behind Porky in the first pic of the two brother pups together.

She captioned the picture, “Welcome to the family @waldopicassojonas”

Photographed with Porky

Joe was pictured with Porky on July 25 because the dog still needed to go outside to do his business despite what had happened to his brother. The singer kept the dog tightly on a leash after the trauma of losing Waldo.

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