Dog the Bounty Hunter Grieves

Dog The Bounty Hunter is preparing for Beth Chapman’s second funeral service and although her death is hitting him hard, his family is the main thing that helping him stay strong.


Duane Chapman lost his wife Beth Chapman to throat cancer on June 26 and ever since then he’s been mourning the loss while surrounded by his huge family.

Hawaiian Funeral

First, they gave Beth an incredible Hawaiian funeral on the beach in Oahu. And there is plans to hold a second funeral in Colorado that will be live-streamed for Beth’s many fans on

Stay strong

Dog is doing his best to stay strong, in spite of his deep sadness, and a source close to the star of Dog The Bounty Hunter said that his “entire family” has stepped in to help him get through this tough time.

“The whole family is closer than ever right now and really rallying around Dog, and each other,” says our source. “They’re all feeling so grateful and blessed that they have such a huge family to be able to lean on one another after such a tragedy. Many of them are still finding it hard to believe they lost Beth, and it hasn’t really hit home yet. She was the central figure in their family and it doesn’t feel real that she’s no longer here. Dog is doing his best to stay strong but of course at times, he still finds it challenging to cope with such an enormous loss. The all plan on attending the celebration of life this weekend to continue honoring Beth and her legacy.”

A second source

A second source close to the Chapman family says that in a way, Beth is closer than ever in spite of her death.

“Beth is almost with the family more in death than she was in life,” says our source, “because she is that important and constantly thought about from all the love they received from her. Dog knows nothing better than what Beth gave him and he will continue to live her legacy in everything he does. Her presence is the most important thing in his life. Then, now and in the future. The funeral this weekend is going to be sad but also amazing in the love that will be shown throughout the family. It’s going to really start the healing if the loss.”


As devastated as Dog and his entire family are over Beth’s death, their bail bond business still has to go on. And unfortunately on July 9, Dog and Beth’s son Leland Chapman, 42, was hospitalized after tearing his ACL during the family’s first manhunt following their matriarch’s death. With Beth’s second funeral only days away the injury could not come at a worse time.

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