Tom Holland Will Never Workout With Jake Gyllenhaal Again

Great power comes with great responsibility and very sore muscles. Tom Holland learnt that the hard way.

Hit the gym during a press tour, why not?

In China in the midst of doing press for Spider-Man: Far From Home, costars Tom Holland and Jake Gyllenhaal decided to hit the gym. Totally fine and normal right? Well… Not for Tom

“I didn’t want to go because Jake Gyllenhaal is ripped and I’m really competitive.” Tom Holland, 23, said during an interview on The Late Show.

That might be a bit of an understatement…

Really competitive might be an understatement and needless to say this gym outing turned into a really aggressive outing. After warming up their legs and abs,

“I’m roasting” said the british actor.

“I’m finished.” Jake Gyllenhaal stated, and then insisted that the duo head to the treadmills for a “quick mile”

“A Mile? Are we pressed for time? C’mon let’s do two. So immediately i’m regretting suggesting doing two miles… and there’s, like, a law in the gym that you can’t just run slower than the guy next to you. You just can’t.” Holland exclaimed.

Cramping Up… Two Minutes In

Two minutes in, Holland who plays the life-saving adventurous spider-man was already cramping up and wishing it was all over. Although, he refused to let the Southpaw actor, who is 38, see him sweat.

“There’s nothing that’s going to get me off this treadmill, I will beat Jake Gyllenhaal in this race. Then 3, 4 minutes in he goes, Tom, this is too easy, lets up the incline.”

Let’s Do More!

Although he was out of breath, the Brit actor agreed because he’s strong and wasn’t going to collapse as they were nearing the finish line.

But then Jake chimed in, “Let’s do 3.5 (miles)” and then Tom said, “Dude, let’s do 4! 3.5 why stop there??”

Should have quit

Maybe they should have quit while they were ahead. Later, during an interview, Holland recalled not being able to walk.

He was sitting there and the interviewer asked what was wrong, and he said “Well, I do all of my own stunts.”

Spoiler alert… Tom doesn’t do his own stunts.

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