Barcelona Fan Gets Handsy

An out of control fan got handsy with Miley Cyrus in Barcelona over the weekend, and she has finally spoken out about it. 

Powerful Caption

Miley has spoken out about the Barcelona fan incident in photos and captions that she added to her Instagram story. In addition to showing screenshots from videos of the shocking moment, she was grabbed and kissed.

Miley left a very powerful message,  “she can be wearing what she wants. she can be a virgin. she can be sleeping with 5 different people,” her message began. “She can be with her husband. She can be with her girlfriend. She can be naked. She CAN’T be grabbed without her consent. #DontF*ckWithMyFreedom.”

What happened

On June 2, Miley Cyrus was completely caught off guard when a crazed fan jumped into the middle of a crowd, then kissed and forcibly groped her as she made her way to her vehicle in Barcelona.

“The guy didn’t mean any harm, but it was way over the line because it was totally without consent,” a source close to Miley stated, “Miley was able to duck right out of his grasp, but it freaked her out a little.“It was definitely uneasy and confusing, but it all happened so fast, that she didn’t really have a chance to be scared. She was briefly upset, but was able to move on pretty quickly from the hysteria.”

On a better note, Miley’s husband, Liam Hemsworth, was walking right in front of her when the incident took place. Liam was leading Miley through the hysterical crowd like the gentleman he is, and the second he noticed what was going on behind him, he put a protective arm around her so she was out of the mystery guy’s reach.

The video cuts off there, but it also appears that Liam was getting ready to make a move on the man if he tried anything else. Unfortunately, dealing with crazy fans like this one is nothing new for any celebrity. It is a thing that happens often.

“Miley doesn’t like being overly sheltered,” the source explained. “She has always resisted that. She wants to live a normal life, so she tries to find the right balance of keeping herself protected and interacting with her fans because she really does love her fans.”

Miley was in Barcelona to promote her new EP, She is Coming, which was released on May 31. She took time out to meet dozens of fans who lined up to meet her during the trip overseas.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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