The Bachelorette Recap

The Bachelorette got crazy last night. Lots of men… really really nice men and a trip to the emergency room. 

The Details

The newest episode of The Bachelorette started off with a group date for Jonathan, Matteo, John Paul Jones, Kevin, Jed, Tyler C., Mike, and Cam. On the date, the guys are put to the test and have to experience what it physically feels like for a woman to be pregnant and in labor. Throughout the process, Hannah continues to feel a connection with Jed. During the cocktail party, Mike opens up to Hannah about his ex miscarrying their child, and the conversation gets pretty emotional.

During that, many of the guys are already weary of Cam after he crashed a group date last week, so the vibe with him there is unpleasant. Things get even tenser when he interrupts Mike’s personal conversation with Hannah to get his own time.

Cam attempts to prove to Hannah how serious he is about their relationship by explaining that he quit his job just to come on the show and be with her, and he gets a taste of his own medicine when Jonathan interrupts his one-on-one time. Cam is not happy and at the end of the night, Mike gets the group date rose.

A Twist

The next date is one-on-one for Connor S. But things take a twist when Hannah gets sick and has to be rushed to the emergency room. Instead of going on the date, Connor is invited to join Hannah in her hotel room.

Connor then opens up about dealing with his mom having a stroke when he was just 13 years old, and Hannah, very appreciative about him being so open. Later that night, Hannah’s actually feeling well enough to continue the date at a private Lukas Graham show, and she gives Connor a rose. By the end of the date, he admits he’s starting to fall in love with her. Which is crazy considering we are only on episode three.

Before the next group date, Hannah finds out that Tyler G. “had to leave” the show. The reasoning isn’t explained any further, but Hannah is upset since she had a great time on her one-on-one with Tyler last week.

But the show must go on, though, and Hannah is joined by eight men for the next date.

The guys each take part in a photoshoot with different animals on the date, with Hannah watching on.

At the cocktail party, Hannah confronts Luke about the ‘red flags’ she’s noticed about him and how he carries himself. She flat out tells Luke that his confidence “irritates” her sometimes because it comes off as “cocky,” and she insists that he has to change. Luke is upset that he didn’t get much of a chance to explain himself, and he interrupts one of Hannah’s other conversations to try and get his two cents in. She then sends him away.

Luke continues to try and get more time with Hannah, which upsets some of the other guys.

Fix Things

Hannah brushes Luke off when he approaches her yet again and begs him to let her call her own shots. Luke admits he’s considering going home because he doesn’t feel he and Hannah are on the same page. Before the end of the night, Hannah pulls him aside and begs him to “fix” the way he’s acting before they continue. He assures her that he will.

The Rose

Hannah’s biggest connection of the night is with Peter, who she gives the group date rose to.

Before the rose ceremony, Cam reveals to the guys that he wants to discuss something “serious” with Hannah. This frustrates the other guys because they don’t feel like they should be respectful to Cam when he hasn’t been respectful throughout the process himself.

Still, he’s first to pull Hannah aside, and he opens up about an emergency medical situation he had in 2014. At the time, doctors told him he’d have to get his leg amputated, and at the same time, he learned his grandmother had passed away. The other guys are convinced Cam is being manipulative and simply trying to get a pity rose by sharing his sad story.

Not Genuine

After that, Hannah is convinced that Cam isn’t being genuine she confronts him about being ‘calculated,’ and possibly only bringing up his story to stay on the show. Cam insists he wasn’t telling his story just to get a ‘pity rose,’ but Hannah is still concerned about the timing. She admits she’s having a hard time trusting Cam.

Rose Ceremony

At the rose ceremony, Mike, Connor, and Peter are already safe. The remaining roses go to Jed, Tyler, Dustin, Dylan, Grant, Luke P. Garrett, John Paul Jones, Matteo, Devin, Luke S., and Kevin. That means Cam, Jonathan and Joey are heading home.

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