Taylor Swift Might Have Hinted Towards New Album Title TS7

It appears that the fabulous Taylor Swift has hinted towards TS7 album title and fans are going crazy with a theory. 


Taylor Swift just dropped a major hint at what the title of her new album is. Now fans are convinced of its name after combing over her Easter eggs in the music video for ‘Me.’

Taylor has always been the queen of hiding Easter eggs about upcoming projects. She just may have just given away her biggest one yet. Her music video for “Me” contains the title of her seventh studio album. Taylor is currently in England and has done an interview with The Independent on May 24 where she revealed the great big hint.

“I think you see it once, and you hear it twice,” she stated, discussing her new album title’s clues in the music video. That immediately had Swifties heading over to the lush “Me” music video alongside Panic! At the Disco  Brendon Urie, 32, for a deep dive.


As Taylor sits in a gorgeous pink gown atop a unicorn hanging off the roof of a building, the word “Lover” is seen in pink fluorescent writing above the buildings below her. It comes at the 1:56 mark in the “Me” video. She also uses “lover” twice in the song when she sings “Baby doll, when it comes to a lover / I promise that you’ll never find another like / Me-e-e, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh.”

“Taylor Swift album is called ‘Lover!’ & it’s dropping in July – August,” one fan on Twitter claimed. Another had an even bigger vision, writing “Two-sided album named “Lover” showing the two narratives of love part 1: me part 2: you songs named: calm, home, kaleidoscope. Taylor said the album name is heard 2 times and seen once literally everything is pink(me) and blue(you).” Another fan predicted a double album, writing “TS7: Lovers Double album: ME! & YOU!”


Fans are convinced Taylor Swift’s  new album is titled ‘Lover’ after she told a newspaper that ‘I think you see it once and you hear it twice’ in her music video for ‘Me.’
Up until now, Taylor had just been referring to her album as TS7, which was obviously a working title. But she plans things out in advance that she leaves clues to future projects in ones that she’s either finished up or currently working on.

Her “Me” collaborator Brendon said on Your Mom’s House podcast on May 21 that when they sat down to finish up just writing the song, she had already envisioned the music video, describing to him how it would open with a snake that would turn into butterflies, which sure enough it did. Her creative mind just never stops working.


Watch Taylor Swift’s video for ‘Me’ below and tell us what you think!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FuXNumBwDOM?controls=0]

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