KJ Apa and Maia Mitchell Talk ‘The Last Summer’

KJ Apa and Maia Mitchell have left us with  hilarious behind-the-scenes secrets from their new film, ‘The Last Summer’

The Actors

Kj Apa is best known for his role as Archie Andrews in the hit teen Netflix drama, ‘Riverdale,’ Maia Mitchell is best known for her roles in the five-season drama ‘The Fosters’ and her new series, a reboot of the Fosters, ‘Good Trouble.’

The Movie

The Last Summer, which is now available to stream on Netflix, focusses on a group of teens, who just graduated who try to navigate their love lives and plans for the future.  Kj Apa plays as Griffin and Maia  Mitchell plays as Phoebe, two childhood friends who spark a complicated yet oh-so-cute summer romance.


Earlier this week, ET sat down with the two actors in Beverly Hills and asked them to reveal which scene from the new film made them laugh the hardest during filming.

“Probably the sex scene?” Apa stated with a smirk while peaking over at his co star.

“Yup, 100 percent,” Mitchell replied with a big laugh

“Yeah, we kept laughing during that,” Apa continued on with a laugh, “Mostly because we had literally just shot the scene where we had eaten the ribs before that.”

In the new summer movie, Griffin and Phoebe spend a yummy date comparing foods from their two favorite BBQ restaurants in Chicago trying to determine which ribs are the best in the city.

“The ribs were great the first take,” Mitchell stated.

“But after 500 of them, it gets kind of old,” the young actor said

After their adventurous meal, the two teens end up sharing a passionate kiss, which then leads to a sexy bedroom scene. Although things between Phoebe and Griffin appear picture perfect on-screen, it was revealed that this was the “least sexy thing” she has ever done.

“Bloated, smelly,” the Hollywood star said as she recalled the story. “It was revolting!”

The Last Summer is featured on Netflix is now available to stream.

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