5SOS Released Music Video for ‘Easier’

A new era of 5 Seconds of Summer has come and fans are raving about it. This era appears to be their darkest one yet. 

New Era, New Music

The boys are back and have dropped a new video on May 23, 2019. The video is wild, and have fans fully freaking out over Luke. Not only does ‘easier’ marks a new era, but it also marks their edgiest work yet. Throughout the years the boys have definitely continued to progress and change up their music style. Going from a pop-punk type of style to straight pop.

Glitter Eyeshadow

Throughout the entire music video, there is no shortage of flames, blue light, dark caves, and Luke Hemmings being chained up. In the video, Luke rocks silver sparkling eyeshadow, and it’s way too much for fans to handle.

“LUKE HEMMINGS IN GLITTER EYESHADOW IS WHAT I LIVE FOR,” one fan wrote on Twitter. “LUKE IN GLITTER SAVED MY LIFE,” another tweeted in excitement.

And as promised the video was unlike anything the pop-rock band has released before.

“Did 5sos just subconsciously get us into BDSM?” a fan questioned on Twitter, “BDSM is obviously their new era,” one fan tweeted after watching the video.

A Different Vibe Compared to Youngblood

‘Easier’ gives off a different vibe than the band’s previous album ‘Youngblood’ that was released summer of last year. ‘Youngblood’ was inspired by many different eras and artists. Their song, ‘Talk Fast’ gave off an 80s vibe, while ‘Monsters Among Men’ had more of an up-tempo beat. ‘Youngblood” really showcased their growth as individuals. The boys had spent a long time transforming their personal struggles into a wonderful piece of art.

It’s extremely exciting to see where the boys will go next with this new dark era. Hopefully, an album will be released later on this year!

To watch the video for ‘Easier’ click below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1dFSWLJ9wY?controls=0]

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