Game of Thrones: The Battle of Winterfell has arrived

The battle is finally here. Yes, the battle you have been waiting for. Its Game of Thrones battle of Winterfell. Are you nervous? Well, you should be.

Tough to Film

This appears to be the battle everyone has been talking about. The battle that took two weeks to film, that battle that tested the cast and crew to extreme lengths. Ser Jorah Mormont (Lain Glen)  stated that it was an unpleasant experience filming.

“It was the most unpleasant experience I’ve had on Thrones, A real test, really miserable. You get to sleep at seven in the morning and when you wake in the midday you’re still so spent you can’t really do anything, and then you’re back. You have no life outside it. You have an absolute f—ked bunch of actors. But without getting too method [acting] about it, on screen it bleeds through to the reality of the Thrones world.”

Kit Harington (Jon Snow) stated that shooting the final six episodes was hard.

He stated in an interview with GQ Australia, “Everyone was broken at the end. I don’t know if we were crying because we were sad it was ending or if we were crying because it was so f–king tiring, We were sleep deprived. It was like it was designed to make you think, ‘Right, I’m f–king sick of this.’ I remember everyone walking around towards the end going, ‘I’ve had enough now. I love this, it’s been the best thing in my life, I’ll miss it one day—but I’m done.'”

A Total Bloodbath

This episode is going to be an absolute bloodbath. The previous episode of Game of Thrones gave fans a calm before the storm as it gave a nice farewell to all of the fan favorite characters. The previous episode talked about the crypts a lot. Do you know about the crypts? They’re safe, the safest place to be. Everybody is safe in the crypts (spoiler, they’re not)

Watch the trailer to the episode everyone has been anticipating below:


Photos from Season Eight Episode Three

Jon Snow scared in battle. Definitely enough fear on his face to fill us with anxiety.

Jaime and Brienne fighting side by side.

Varys and Tyrion in the Crypts. Safe are they?

It appears Sansa and Arya are not in the Crypts.

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