Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Arrives in Canada for New Jumanji Movie

The Rock has officially arrived on Canadian soil and we are living for it. The Rock was spotted in Calgary to film the sequel for ‘Jumanji’. Dwayne Johnson has a special connection to the city, over twenty years ago he was signed to the Calgary Stampeders for the CFL. He will now be enjoying a nice little visit in Calgary, the city where it all started,  while he shoots for the new movie.


Dwayne shared an Instagram photo of him landing in the beloved city Calgary, Alberta to his 138 million followers. In the photo, the actor is standing outside of the plane. He seemed to be getting sentimental about the city in his caption,

“Landed last night here in Calgary, Alberta Canada to continue shooting JUMANJI. My brain was flooded with crazy experiences here, this is the city where me having only $7 bucks in my pocket all began. I have a deep reverence for this town ~ she shook me in the best possible way. Good to be back. Let’s get to work.”

Who’s in the new Jumanji Film?

The core cast of the Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle sequel is Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillian, and lastly Jack Black. The actors that play the younger versions of the main cast are Alex Wolff, Ser’Darius Blain, Morgan Turner, and Madison Iseman. We will also be expecting Nick Jonas to return as well.

Are the actors playing the same characters?

It appears that the actors will be returning as their beloved past characters.  Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson posted an Instagram post that confirmed the cast coming back.

He quoted, “Yes, you’re favorite band is back ~ lookin’ lean (ish) and mean.
Even though things may not be as they seem 🤔
So buckle up world because soon we’ll all play
When a brand NEW JUMANJI drops this Holiday!
Oh the fun you’re gonna have.
The Smoldering Dr. Bravestone


The Plot?

The previous movie, Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle did not introduce any obvious storylines for a sequel. There are no dangling threads that need any resolving. Although, Dwayne teased that there are ‘dynamite’ plans for the next movie. The first film ended with the four friends destroying Jumanji to stop anyone else being trapped into the horrible jungle word. The sequel will have to start by explaining how the game is able to remake itself. This gives many opportunities to reveal what Jumanji really is, who created it, and where it came from.

Release Date

The expected release date is December 13, 2019. Stay tuned for more juicy details on this upcoming film.

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