Cole Sprouse is Blonde Again

Now that Riverdale is done filming its third season, actor Cole Sprouse can now change up his hairdo. Now that summertime is approaching it is a plausible time for Cole Sprouse to switch up his dark hairdo.

Cole decided to ditch Jughead’s black hair and strip away all of the color. He is now back to his original sandy blonde shade. Cole shared a photo of the new style on his Instagram stories, as well as many fans spotting him out and about looking exactly like his twin brother Dylan Sprouse.

In all seriousness, some fans have difficulty telling the difference between the two boys. They think he is playing a trick similar to when they were children in school.

Many fans are losing their ‘chill’ right now.

One fan wrote that she was, “NOT READY” for his new look. Another fan wrote that she was having an, “existential crisis” because of the new hair choice. Who would have thought a change in a hair color would cause so much stress for young fans.

Considering this is Cole Sprouse’s original hair color it’s not the most shocking choice in the history of hair. Although, Cole looks incredibly different than his CW Riverdale character Jughead.

Cole is not the only Riverdale to change up their hair after wrapping for the season. Camila Mendes who acts as Veronica Lodge had decided to make a small change. She went from her ink black to a dark brown hair color. Madchen Amick who acts as Alice Cooper chopped her hair into a stylish bob.

Last month, Cole made a hint that he would be working on another project while Riverdale was on break. It could be quite possible that the young actor dyed his hair for that.

Whatever it is for, whether it’s for a Suite Life of Zack and Cody reboot (we wouldn’t be against that choice) or something else Cole can pull off any look!

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