Billie Eilish: Rise to Fame

The Beginning

At eight she was in the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus and practicing dance.

At fourteen, she was recording vocals for one of her older brother Finneas’ songs, which they uploaded to SoundCloud.

One of the songs ‘Ocean Eyes’ became a viral hit, and it seems like overnight record companies, managers, and streaming services came knocking.

Billie Eilish has achieved one billion streams and 15 million Instagram followers within the three years of rising to fame.

On March 29, Billie released her debut album, “When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go”

Major streaming services are now fighting to get their exclusives and claim bragging rights.

In February, YouTube made a documentary series on Billie Eilish. The first episode was viewed 3.5 million times.

Watch Billie tell her story of rise to fame here:



At Spotify, where Billie’s debut single ‘ Ocean Eyes’ was streamed 200 million times, there has been a multi-level campaign for her newest release.

A multimedia playlist included audio and visual tracks, and “new product features.”

Spotify released Billie’s album on March 29, 2019. In Los Angeles, Spotify set up a pop up ‘enhanced album experience’ for fans over the weekend to celebrate the release.

Fans were greeted outside by a statue of the singer, inside the building fan artwork was hung all over the walls, exhibit staff wore Blohsh jumpsuits. Each of the albums fourteen tracks was translated into a multi-sensory moment for fans to experience room by room.

Billie stated, “I wanted everybody to see the album through my eyes”

She explained that it was inspired by her synesthesia. Which is a neurological condition whereby every song she writes has associating colours, textures, scents, shapes, and feelings attached to it. Each door to the rooms spelled out what those elements were in each song.

Take a tour of the event in the video below:


Apple Music

Apple Music announced that eight-hundred-thousand subscribers had pre-added the album. It proved that the high numbers showed how excited fans were. Apple Music suggested that, while most of the streaming services focused on single-track playlists,

“Apple Music still emphasizes albums because we understand their value as a storytelling tool for artists to create context around their music,” – As said by Oliver Schusser, head of  worldwide for Apple Music.

Apple Music’s relationship with Billie goes back to January 2016 when they signed her to an artist development deal with discovery platform platoon, which Billie now owns.

Check out Billie’s documentary for Apple Music below:


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