Ariana Grande Surprise Duet at Coachella

Ariana Grande gave Beliebers an Easter treat this weekend. The ‘Thank u Next’ singer performed a surprise duet with Justin Bieber to close out headline gig at Coachella.

Bieber’s First Time Back After Two Year Absence

Justin Bieber finally returned to the stage after a two year absence to perform his hit song ‘Sorry’ with Ariana Grande, Justin confirmed that he was just as surprised to be performing.

“I had no idea I was going to be on a stage tonight, Absolutely no idea, I wore this fly outfit not knowing I was going to be on stage.” The heartthrob star stated.

Grande had told the crowd that she didn’t intend to have any special guest stars this week, but she had cooked something up with a friend the very last second.  The crowd went wild as she said,

“My friend Justin Bieber is here”

Justin stated on stage,

“This is my first time performing here in two years, and I had to get my groove back, get my swag back, you know what I’m saying, Thank you Coachella, Thank you Ariana Grande, by the way, the album will be out soon.”

He also stated, “She’s amazing, give her more energy!”

When fans asked Grande if she was going to bring Nicki Minaj out again tomorrow via Twitter, the star replied,

“Tomorrow you’re stuck w just me <3”

No NSYNC this time

Sorry NSYNC fans, sadly during this performance there was no replay of the reunion of four-fifths of the band this weekend on Grande’s set. She played her hit song, “Break up with your girlfriend, I’m bored” which does borrow a riff from an old NSYNC song. Although, when it was over she didn’t bring out the Timberlakeless group. She just continued on, it appears that none of Weekend one’s guests would be returning.


The door was open for Ariana to showcase herself, as there were no special guests. She did a good job doing that with her mid-set performance of her single ‘Breathin’. She started the song out with no musical backing, her voice was the only thing piercing the windy night. When the music kicked in, it was an all-woman string section accompanying her. It definitely felt more special weekend two. Grande also was not afraid to get the crowd involved during the song. She allowed the crowd to finished the lyrics. The song ended with some fireworks.

Youngest Headliner

Ariana Grande is the youngest headliner to perform at Coachella being twenty-five. She didn’t need lots of effects or a long list of special guests. She wowed the crowd with her angelic voice.

To view the video of the duet, watch it below:


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