Who is Colton Underwood

Before TV Fame

Colton Underwood was born in Indianapolis and grew up in the small town of Washington, Illinois. He is part of a blended family of seven siblings, his father, stepmother, mother, and his stepfather. He started a foundation called, “The Legacy Foundation” which is a charity for cystic fibrosis. Colton loves hiking through the Colorado Rockies with his two dogs. Colton loves dogs so much, he has two Instagram accounts dedicated to his dogs, Thor and Sniper.

Colton’s close relationship with his family sparked his idea to start the Legacy Foundation, a charity for cystic fibrosis, something that his 6-year-old cousin Harper was diagnosed with as a baby.

Colton went to college at Illinois State, where he played defensive end. He was a two-time finalist for the Buck Buchana Award, which is given out to the most outstanding defensive player in the Divison I Football Championship Subdivision. Colton doesn’t have an official NFL statistic to his name because he never made a regular season roster. In 2014 he was signed by the Chargers to be an outside linebacker. He was signed in May but released in August. He had spent six days on the Eagles practice squad before being brought back to the Chargers by the end of the year.

Eventually, Colton made his way to the Raiders in 2016 and converted to a tight end. He didn’t make the roster and was released two weeks later. He retired from Football after a serious shoulder injury that required surgery. He had torn a ligament and suffered a break in his left shoulder joint during the first day of padded practice with the Raiders.

The Bachelorette

Colton made it to hometowns but left by the end of the episode.

Becca Kufrin was the Bachelorette for Season 14 after being proposed to and then dumped by Arie on his season of the Bachelor. Colton was first seen on Becca’s season of the Bachelor. Right from the bat, Colton was a sweetheart causing him to become a fan favorite. Although tension rose once it was discovered that Colton had dated Becca’s friend Tia (Who was a part of Arie’s season as well) previously. Although, in episode three of Becca’s season Tia made it clear that she had no feelings for Colton. On top of that, while Colton and Becca were on a date in the Bahamas he revealed that he was a virgin. Becca had to get up and walk away to take a moment to compose her thoughts. But spite that dramatic conversation she gave Colton a rose at the end of the conversation and they were off to hometowns. Sadly Colton’s fight for Becca’s love was cut short during hometowns. Becca had met Colton’s family during hometowns where she learned that Colton had never brought a girl home to meet his family before. After an intense conversation with Colton’s father, she became worried about what her future would be like with Colton. On top of all of that, Tia came back during that episode to reveal to Becca that she still had feelings for Colton. By the end of the hometown episode, Colton was sent home.

Becca and Tia were previously on Arie’s season of the Bachelor. Becca made it to the finale where Arie proposed but later on changed his mind.

Bachelor in Paradise

Colton and Tia only went on one date during the Bachelor in Paradise.

Colton’s time was very short on the Bachelor in Paradise. The drama was intense when both Tia and Colton were on paradise, but after eight episodes he gave up the fight for Tia. At the beginning of episode eight, Colton talked to Kevin and admitted that he doesn’t feel as if his hearts in it with Tia. He broke down talking to Kevin and said that Tia deserves someone who’s all in it. Shortly after that conversation, Colton asked Tia to talk and they went somewhere privately where Colton then told her,

“I can look at you with 100 percent certainty and say that. I gave it my all… I just know what you deserve, and I can’t give it to you. that’s the worst part of it all.”

Which resulted in Colton and Tia both deciding to leave Paradise.

The Bachelor

Colton’s time being the Bachelor gave us a whirlwind of emotions. There were so many great girls on the show and so many girls who were not great at all. A couple of fan favorites were Hannah B, Hannah G, Caelyn, Cassie, Demi, and Tayshia. Each girl had a very unique personality and seeing certain girls go home was very heartbreaking. By Fantasy Suites the final three were Cassie, Tayshia, and Hannah G. Colton really twisted this season up and did not play by Bachelor rules. He even went as far as jumping a fence and running away when

Cassie Randolph broke up with him on their date before he even got to ask her to go to the Fantasy Suite. It was a battle for love and nobody knew what’s Colton was going to actually do. Colton eventually ended up breaking Hannah G and Tayshia’s hearts by sending them home and pursuing Cassie who was already packing to leave. He tried to persuade Cassie into taking things slow and taking things day by day.

“I’m not asking for marriage at the end of this, I’m asking for a second chance to take it day-by-day and figure it out”

By the end, Cassie agreed to take it day by day but viewers were still unsure of what her intentions were. She seemed very unsure of herself. Flying to Italy the pair greeted Colton’s family which brought Cassie to tears in a panic but by the After The Final Rose special Cassie and Colton announced their public relationship. Now social media is filled with gooey photos of them but the pair seem to be very happy and very in love.

There hasn’t been a proposal yet because Colton wants to ask Cassie’s dad for a blessing again, although the talk of engagement has been among their conversation. Colton moved to L.A and plans to spend the year traveling with Cassie.

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