Lennon Stella Embarks on Love, Me Tour

At the age of eighteen, Lennon Stella, born on August 13, 1999 in Oshawa, Ontario, has already had an immense success in her career.

In 2012, Lennon starred as Maddie Conrad alongside her little sister Maisy Stella who played Daphne Conrad in the hit show ‘Nashville’.

Promo Photo for ‘Nashville’

The series moved over to CMT for season five. After six seasons the show ended. The last season premiered in January 2018.

More Success

Prior to acting in Nashville, Lennon and her little sister Maisy gained attention in the media when they covered Robyn’s hit song “Call Your Girlfriend”. Going viral, the performance captured hearts of millions worldwide. It also resulted in the girls’ first Good Morning America appearance. Their YouTube channel “Lennon & Maisy” has over 100 million views and 800,000 subscribers.

Photo from “That’s What’s Up” video

In April 2013, Lennon and Maisy gave a show stopping performance of the Lumineers “Ho Hey” on Nashville. When ABC released it on the radio it didn’t just become the most added song in the nation, it moved up high in charts on the Billboard Top 40.

Their rendition of the song remains the number one most downloaded song of all hit TV show releases.

On top of that, out of all the cast members in Nashville, Lennon and Maisy have the most singles.

But it doesn’t stop there, Lennon’s success continues to grow and grow.


In April of 2015, Lennon was able to add Author to her resume. The girls partnered up with HarperCollins to publish a children’s book called “In The Waves”. The book is based off their original song, with the same title.

Song Writing

Lennon has had a lot of success with songwriting. Not only has she written some songs for season 5 of Nashville (Tennis Shoes, In Love, Clockwork, and Saved) but she released her own EP titled, “Love, me” that features five songs, Bad, Feelings, Breakaway, La Di Da, and Fortress. She also has two songs released that are not on the EP titled “Bitch” and “Like Everybody Else”. As well as a song with Liam Payne and Jonas Blue titled, “Polaroid”.

Last week Lennon started her “Love, Me” tour. She is scheduled to perform in many locations in Canada and The United States. Fans are ecstatic.

Photo taken at one of Lennon’s concerts in N.Y



Lennon’s little sister Maisy has made appearances at every show this week. They sing a cover of “Kids” together. The crowd goes absolutely wild at the sister duo.

Lennon has posted videos and pictures from her concerts. The overall vibe is a good time.

Watch Lennon perform her unreleased song “Goodbye” on one of her tour dates below:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxm0ZBbZA1g?controls=0]

To check out tour dates check out Lennon’s website below:


If you plan on attending any of Lennon’s concerts leave a comment below!

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